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Saturday, October 4, 2014

#39 - Bull Run / Occoquan Trail - West

So, I had to come back. Had to see this leg from Hemlock Overlook heading west. I had done Fountain Head to Bull Run Marina  - and Bull Run Marina to Hemlock Overlook. I was enjoying this trail too much and wanted to finish - or at least come close.

The trail is 18.1 miles total one way. I had done it as a series of out and backs to this point, and this day (26 September) was no different. A new 11 mile (total) out and back from Hemlock Overlook to the Route 28 overpass.

Autumn had arrived, so the colors were changing. Not to full autumn colors, but less vibrant greens as the autumn transition begins. Bull Run was running clear. A perfect day for a hike.

Down the .5 mile trail head at Hemlock Overlook

Heading West (upstream) to continue this trail

A view along Bull Run
With beautiful wooded scenery along the way
I stayed on the blue-blazed trail, knowing I had a good hike ahead of me. As the trail winded along, I made a creek crossing at Johnny Moore Creek.

The path was in great shape as I moved along the waters edge. Plenty to see, a railroad crossing I was unaware of.

It was shortly after this I had a choice to make: stay on the blue-blazed trail, which cut in and up, or follow an unblazed trail along Bull Run. I chose the latter, which is something I rarely do, and this initially wide trail, became narrower - and narrower. I had broke my own rule of staying on the blazed trail.


The scenery was nice - though I was happy to have eventually met back up with the blue blaze at a creek crossing further up stream.

The remainder of the trail continued to be an enjoyable hike. A lone Civil War Artillery Embankment, turtles plopping into the stream as I walked by, and Blue Herons after their next catch. 

I reached my turn-around point. Relaxed for a few moments, then doubled back. I stayed on the blue blaze this time, cutting up and in.

There is a total of 4 miles I have not done of this trail. The next time I hike this trail, I plan to hike the 18.1 miles point to point and take in this wonderful trail all at one time.

Until that time, see you on the trails!

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