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Saturday, March 15, 2014

#12 - The Potpourri 8-Miler

DuPont Circle
With a full day ahead of me, my 8-miler today was done in three distinct segments; and all done one after the other. The day started in Washington, D.C. as I drove up to participate in a march from DuPont Circle to the South African Embassy in protest of a practice known as canned hunting.

The morning started out quite chilly, but it didn't take long for the sun to burn through the clouds and warm things up. The march, along Embassy row, turned out to be 3 miles total, and it was very interesting to see the various Embassy's along the way.

Turkish Embassy

Venezuelan Embassy

South African Embassy

 After 3 miles in the city, I was anxious to get back to the trails closer to home. Riley was anxious to go, so off we went to Prince William Forest Park, and a 2.5 mile hike. I headed further back in the park, in order to get further away from the crowds. Riley was happy just to be near the creek!

Quantico Creek - Where the creek dam creates a small reservoir

Riley getting a swim in!

Quantico Creek - Beyond the dam

Quantico Creek
After this 2.5 miler, I got Riley home, but wanted to get some more miles in. I headed out from my front door, which gives me a number of options. I chose a route that ultimately runs me by a nearby marina. This allowed me to get another 2.5 miles in, giving me my 8 mile hike for the day!

Aquia Harbour Marina
With my hiking partner, Bonnie, sidelined by injury (though expected back soon!), today proved that a hike is a hike, no matter how creative one must be to get the miles in. It felt great to be outside all day, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and warm temps with the occasional cool breeze! "Transition" was the key word of the day, as I went from urban, to rural, to suburban terrain. With plenty of water and a good pair of hiking shoes, I made it through the day just fine!

See you on the trails...


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