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Sunday, May 25, 2014

#21 - Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn

9-11 Memorial Museum - Starting Point
This weeks hike was in NYC, where I had the joy of picking up my youngest daughter who completed her first year of school. I was happy and excited for her, and it was exciting to know that she was coming home for Summer! I arrived a day early to get an urban hike in prior to packing up her belongings and heading home.

I was accompanied by my oldest daughter, who I get to spend too little time with, and I was excited as she agreed to be my hiking partner! All together, we covered 12 miles of the city - 7 miles as an active hike.

That excitement was tempered for a period, as we visited the 9-11 Memorial Museum, which had just opened to the general public days prior. It was sobering, and a reminder of the importance to enjoy time with family and friends.

After visiting the memorial museum, we set out on our hike. As we were in lower Manhattan, we started from there.

Destination - Chinatown!

We decided our circuit would consist of a trek through Chinatown, over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn (and Brooklyn Heights), and back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge. Columbus Park and the markets of Chinatown were full and bristling, and we enjoyed the hustle, bustle, sights and sounds as we hiked through.
Columbus Park
Columbus Park
One of many Chinatown markets
One of many Chinatown markets
Manhattan Bridge, with it's graffiti, subways, and vehicle traffic is busy and loud, but offers wonderful views as you cross the East River into Brooklyn. The bridge span, the water, and all of the activity keep you moving forward as you take it all in.
Constant subway traffic on Manhattan Bridge makes for a noisy experience
Some of the graffiti along the way

Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan from Manhattan Bridge
A good pace, a stop for a cold water, and back on the trail. The temps were perfect and although we had been on our feet all day, we both felt strong. Knowing we had miles still ahead of us, we pushed on. We headed back toward the Brooklyn Bridge, a fabulous walk, and one we both enjoyed very much.

Brooklyn Bridge back to lower Manhattan
Lady Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge

Love locks: Lovers mark their names on a lock and throw away the key into the river below
Midtown Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge
Just as we crossed back into lower Manhattan, the sky turned dark as a storm began to roll in. We hiked a bit further, beyond City Hall, where we were able to catch our subway back to our destination. We had started our day at 10:00 a.m., ended it at 9:00 p.m. and considered the day a huge success!

New York City is a great place to get your urban hike in. Pick a direction and go. There's so much to see along the way!
Thank you Megan for hiking with me and spending a day together! I love you very much!
Hike on, friends!


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