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Sunday, November 30, 2014

#47 - Old Company Mill - Raleigh NC

We were off to Raleigh, NC for Thanksgiving, and with the day full of food and football - followed by a day of Christmas "browsing", coffee's and deserts - Saturday made for a perfect day for a nearby 6.5 mile hike on the Old Company Mill Trail.

Company Mill was built on the banks of Crabtree Creek in 1810 when this land was farmland. The mill ground wheat into flour and corn into cornmeal - and was even known to host a fish fry or two or a square dance.

My two sons joined me on the hike, and its always nice to get out and do some things together.

The trail was in a wooded area, the air crisp and clear, as we made our way down to the creek to begin our loop. I'm always amazed how land that was cleared for farms, grows back to woodlands once the farming operations stop.

We crossed Crabtree Creek, then following the creek for awhile, cut inland and up. The trail was marked as moderate, and we found that to be an accurate description - and perfect for what we wanted to do this day.

We passed through areas of pine, crossed small streams, and enjoyed the peacefulness of the morning as the sun broke through, casting shadows and warming the day from 33 degrees when we started, to 50 when we finished.

We completed the loop, working our way back to the creek and the remnants of the old mill.

The perfect trail for the perfect morning. A good hike, fresh air, the ability to see something new - and a morning spent with my two sons. I could hike forever with them, sharing stories and laughs. There will come another time soon.

Keep hiking, friends!

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